The Beyond Suffering Bible cover. It features an image of the ocean at sunset beneath the title.

The Beyond Suffering Bible is the first study bible made specifically for those who suffer and the people who love them.

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where struggles seem endless...

1 in 6 Americans
are dealing with
chronic health
suffer from disability
or chronic
10 million
a year experience
a serious
mental illness

Roughly 65 million
provide care for
someone with a
disability or
chronic illness
1 in 5
people in the U.S.
live with some type of

God's hope is infinite.

Just a few of the Features...

Full-page devotional articles written by Joni that reflect her heart for pursuing God in the midst of suffering.

Full-page articles teach about God's goodness in the midst of suffering through the lives of people in Scripture alongside contemporary individuals.

Each book of the Bible has an introduction that orients readers to vital information in the text with a special focus on key suffering and disability themes.

Thousands of study notes help the reader connect specifically with a biblical theology of suffering.

Dozens of full-page devotionals help readers engage deeply with some of the toughest questions about their suffering.
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Infinite Hope

Music draws many people closer to God, especially in times of confusion and darkness when it’s difficult to find the right words to say. Inspired by the Beyond Suffering Bible, several artists have contributed songs of encouragement and hope to this project. Download the music for free and be surrounded by God’s infinite hope.
Learn more about Marty Goetz and his music
Learn more about Keith and Kristyn Getty

  • "Being recently immersed with a family in the raw grief of a tragedy, I found myself reading the Beyond Suffering Bible not only through my eyes but also theirs. I can’t say enough about the value of this monumental work. To integrate God’s Word with such sparkling, honest, and Christ-centered insights was brilliant. I don’t know how this Bible could be better or more complete! I believe our Redeemer will use it powerfully. I can’t imagine any person who loves God and loves people not loving this amazing product. I will personally give the Beyond Suffering Bible to many. I’m glad to offer my most enthusiastic recommendation for this extraordinary resource!”
    – Randy Alcorn
    Author and Speaker

  • "It would be hard to imagine a more important topic or a more appropriate person to address it. Joni has lived a life of faith forged by challenge. This Bible is a timely contribution and a valuable resource.”
    – Max Lucado
    pastor and bestselling author

  • “I love this Bible! The notes and resources within the pages are infused not with pity or sympathy but with the tender loving-kindness of a God who truly feels our pain.

    Only someone who has suffered deeply could be used so greatly as to enhance and enrich God’s own words with such compassionate understanding. On behalf of those who suffer in ways others can’t see, thank you, Joni!”
    – Anne Graham Lotz
    President and CEO, AnGeL Ministries
    Chairperson, National Day of Prayer Task Force

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Help A Friend Pamphlet Series

The Help a Friend pamphlet series focuses on the first response by a caring friend to bad news about a loved one. Gain the confidence to reach out rather than avoid. Get equipped with biblical wisdom and practical, time-tested advice from Joni Eareckson Tada and gain the confidence to be there for your friend or relative when they need you most. Find out more.

  • Simple Overview— Explanation of the topic and how to bring comfort.
  • Clear Examples— Brief stories, description of struggles your friend is likely to experience.
  • Quick Tips— Words that help. Things to avoid saying. Tips. Resources for further help.
  • Instant Encouragement— Enjoy having comforting Bible verses at your fingertips!

Help a Friend: Disability

ISBN: 9781628624755
Price: $3.99

A new wheelchair. A frightening diagnosis. A child that needs a little (or a lot) more extra help than their peers. Disability can come in all shapes and sizes, so what can you say or do to support a friend that is newly affected by disability? What can you say to someone you care about who must adjust to a new way of life due to an uncontrollable condition.

Help a Friend: Grief

ISBN: 9781628624748
Price: $3.99

It can be difficult to know what to say to a friend or someone you know that has just experienced the loss of a loved one. Experience the confidence and assurance you'll get from this easy-to-read pamphlet on grief filled with practical tips, and encouragement from Joni Eareckson Tada. From Do's and Don'ts and "cliches to avoid" to the stages of grief, get equipped with everything you need to know to support your friend or relative when they need you most.

Help a Friend: Autism

ISBN: 9781628624762
Price: $3.99

Autism Spectrum Disorder in children has increased to nearly 120% since 2000, making it the fastest-growing developmental disability known, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Comforting parents of a newly diagnosed child can be a challenge, but with this enriching pamphlet you will be equipped with resources to provide help and support.

Help a Friend: Memory Loss

ISBN: 9781628624779
Price: $3.99

From forgotten medication to forgotten faces, memory loss can be incredibly painful for the family members as well as the sufferer. Our most valued relationships are built off fond memories, but when these memories start to fade, it's important to have support from others. Your help and encouragement can make a difference!
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